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So long...

Well, its been a lot of fun years here at LJ.  I'm going to miss it too.  But I think its time to shut down this blog.  That's not to say that I'm done blogging about random crap in my life (There will be more insane girls to date after all).  But I am done at LJ.  Its nothing LJ did wrong really but just a feeling of me wanting to fully own my blog.  It started because of Twitter's new draconian policies towards developers and caused me to set up a StatusNet twitter instance on my own domain.  I then decided to just go all the way and make a blog there on WP.  If lots of people I knew still wrote here I'd stay but noone does.

But like I said, I'm not going anywhere!  Not sure if the new blog will stay the "Wheel of Kharma" or not but at any rate, you can find me at:


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Yeah, I'm still alive!

Wow, has it really been 2 months since I updated this??  Is anyone still reading? ;)

I'm just sitting here getting my car detailed and I realized its been forever since I wrote an update so its time to fix that!  Today was the Gasparilla Distance Classic 8K.  The past 3 years I've done the 5K since the next option was always the 15K.  I really wanted something in the middle since I'm not a huge fan of 5Ks but Gasparilla is also the race that got me back motivated into being healthy (well, that and Carolyn 8D ) so I never want to miss running.  I definitely wasn't as ready as I have been in years past for the 8K.  I finished a hair under 62 minutes but I've been dealing with a lot of leg soreness/pain for a few weeks now so I'm not surprised.  By the end of the race my legs felt fine actually.  Same can't be said for my lungs!

I made a decision this year to do something I've thought about before but never have done: a race a month.  So in 2 weeks I have a 10K in Brandon and then the first week of April I'm going up to Virginia for the Monument 10K.  And in May I think I'm going up to Maine for a 15K.  If I stop writing again, check the race results and make sure I survived ;) 

Otherwise, life has been pretty great.  Currently back in Ohio and I have another month on this project.  The guy I'm working with now has really stepped up so I'm very happy with how this one is going.  I have general insanity for the next month too since I have a wedding to attend next weekend, a race the following weekend, my Uncle's 70th in S. Florida the weekend after that and then my parents are coming the following weekend.  At which point I will be going to Virgina for that next race.

I'd hate to be bored!

Mileage Run!

 So I've earned a lot of miles this year.  Most of it on Continental.  Unfortunately I made the mistake a few times of not flying Continental.  And earlier this year, I was putting my miles on United for a few weeks in January.  End result of that is my Elite Qualifying Miles ended up at 74,319.  Platinum status starts at 75K.  With only days left in the year that wasn't really looking good for me.  Then my boss found out that I was just a few hundred miles short.  He practically forced me to take the day off to go fly somewhere.  My other alternative was to be mocked.  For nearly 2 days I searched several airlines for the cheapest flight that I could find.

Unfortunately there was nothing particularly cheap out there but I finally found a trip that was adequate.  So Thursday evening I fly to Charlotte.  And then back.  Yeah...I'll be there for three hours!  A little crazy but I'll be platinum on Continental & United next year because of it so that's pretty worth it!

NaNoWriMo: Over

Well today is December 1 which means, of course, that November is over and done with!  And so is NaNoWriMo.  My final word count for the month was 56012 which not only beats last year by almost 6k in November, is also a few thousand more than my last novel ever made it to.   In the past week I did slow down a little because of Thanksgiving and now I'm feeling a little sick but I'm still writing every day.  Unlike last year I really enjoy this story and want to finish it.  I think that it will probably take me at least 100K to get there.  Then will be a lot of editing.

Who knows...maybe it will be published some day.  Probably not.  But hey, why not?

Writing tools

Since I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my plane to pull up I figured I had some time for a quick NaNo update (in case you're not actually viewing my LJ page directly and seeing the status bar I have there!) Currently at 35,100 which I hit last night. That puts me comfortably ahead of the pace. Very comfortable since that was like almost 7K ahead as of yesterday. Since today was essentially the last day I have to work this month, that means unlike last year when I was somewhere between 6k to 10k down at this point, the home stretch will be a breeze. I should get a lot of writing done today actually since I've got about 7 hours ahead of being in airports and on planes.

Also I feel so much better about my story. It has a plot unlike last year that I find interesting and I think I'm getting in some of the themes I was aiming for. If I had to pick a genre for this, I'd probably go with high fantasy steam punk. I love punk genres and its not one I feel gets enough attention in fantasy. Steam punk is just awesome too. So I'm very happy with where the story is though I might not finish it until maybe the end of the year. Its going to be much longer than 50K.

I've also found this year that along with better planning, I've found some great tools that have helped me with my writing as well. I've always just put everything in Word and that seemed fine. This year since I wanted to plan more, I needed to make notes and I found Word wasn't great for that since I'd have to have lots of files open at once. I looked around at a few different programs and went with one called PageFour. Its very simplistic but its basically a word processor for writers. It lets you have a whole project open at once (or multiple projects actually) so I have my whole workspace broken up in logical ways. Notes split among several folders and then my manuscript folder where I've taken to writing by chapter.

Doing it chapter by chapter seems to have also really been helpful. Even though I've always broken up chapters in the same document this feels more manageable.  Its really been a good writing tool and any of my friends who like to write I'd recommend checking it out.

Off to a write in!

Taking a noveling break to have a journal update! The writing is going really well so far. I'm really glad I did last year the way I did it. Even though I hated the final result, I think I learned a lot about what it took (for me) to be able to create something good. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have any expectation that this will be awesome at the end of the month. Or even mediocre. I still expect to have produced a pile of crap.

But! This time it will be a pile of crap with a plot (I hope). Y'know, beginning, middle, end. Or at least on its way to having all those pieces. I gave up after November ever tying up my story last year. I tried. But I never felt comfortable ending the story because the whole thing had been so damn boring. I'll probably revisit it later but this year's story is the one I've wanted to tell for a much longer time.

So, with some luck, this year's story will end up something refined in a year or two after its finished and edited. But first, need to actually finish it. 8)


NaNoWriMo Is Coming

Well, NaNo is just a few days away. I don't know how I'll get through it this year! Though I guess I didn't know how I'd do it last year. I definitely worked some crazy hours at one point during NaNo that almost kept me from finishing. This year I thought this project would be different but this week has turned into a 60 - 70 hour week. I haven't had to put in hours like this in a long time! (I can't complain about my year at work, that's for sure ;) )

So if I have to I can wake up at 6 am and get my writing in in the mornings. I'll just have to make a lot up on the weekends and on my plane flights. And I do have a whole week off (well, not technically off...but client is closed so I won't be doing too much!) at Thanksgiving thanks to holidays.

I'm very excited about my story this year though 8)


Mobile Post!

Testing out a new mobile client on my phone. I really haven't found any great LJ clients for android yet but this one at least seems serviceable.

Maybe its a sign someone should write a better one ;)

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Wow, I've been away a while...

I don't think I've ever been away from LJ for so long. Its not intentional! I've just been crazy busy. Last time I wrote here I was on a project in Portland and since then I've started a new project in Ohio that I'm the lead on which has given me plenty to do.

And I can't lie, Starcraft 2 & Final Fantasy XIV coming out within weeks of each other MAY have something to do with it. But hopefully I can get back on track here. I've got a lot of writing coming in a couple weeks with NaNoWriMo coming up so I need to stay in writing mode.

Speaking of NaNo, last year I had planned to write a story based on a character idea I've had in my head for oh, about 10 years now. Then I had that crazy dream and I felt I had to put it in words. Last year I 'won' but I honestly doubt that story will ever see light of day. It was science fiction and while I love reading sci fi and watching sci fi, I feel like writing sci fi is too much work. I may give it another shot next year but when I write, I want the story to be more than just plot and characters. I like to have themes in my stories (or at least pretend to)

Most importantly for me though is that I need to plan this out some. I'm rather amazed in my ability last year to take a dream and turn it into 50,000 words. But it was hard at times because I was making it all up on the fly. I've never been a world builder and have always been interested in the characters. But I love awesome worlds to put them in. So for this year I want to work on that. I have what, I think, is a neat world in mind. Its a little mix of high fantasy and steampunk with airships thrown in for good measure.

I'm not going to overplan but I think its important to start creating a world for this story. I am considering making this a setting I write several stories in so it will become more fleshed out as time goes on I hope.